Walmart Top Toys

zoomer robot dogWalmart always makes smart picks about the most popular toys are going to be. Unfortunately, because they have great deals, they also tend to sell out of those toys every year.

I’ve listed their picks below and included links to alternative online retailers for the toys that are out of stock (as of this writing). My advice is, if you see something from Walmart you want, you should order it right away to be safe. Here are their top picks for this year:

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New Barbie Doll House Review

Barbie goes upscale in her newly remodeled, luxury Dream House, designed for Malibu, of course. If you’re looking for a big Barbie toy to buy, this is it. The fully furnished home stands over 3 ft. tall and has 5 rooms and a walk-in closet, tons of play pieces and lots of cool little things for girls to discover.

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Big Hugs Elmo Shares the Love

You knew it was coming. Yet another Elmo toy sensation for you to buy for your preschooler. Toy companies like to stick to tried-and-true hit toy (the same way all the movies nowadays are sequels), which is why we’ve gotten a new Elmo doll nearly every year since the highly popular Tickle Me Elmo from the 90′s.

The latest doll is Big Hugs Elmo, and he sort of serves two purposes: He’s a stuffed animal / comfort object, and a talking toy that incorporates music and interactive, imaginative play. Tots love hugs and cuddles, which is exactly what this toy delivers.

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